Did you know National Rubber Duck Day is Coming Up?…

The older I get, the faster my calendar seems to fill up in the new year. People get engaged over the holidays and send out ‘set the dates’, vacations for upcoming months are planned, new school semesters start up, and so on and so forth. Keeping all of the holidays and events organized is never easy, and it seems like scheduling gets more complicated all the time. So I’m really grateful for PinMart’s newly updated awareness calendar for 2014! It’s got every single important event throughout the year, from New Year’s Day all the way through Christmas, and everything in between. And going through it, it’s amazing how many pins we have to help celebrate these occasions!

We’ve all got our pet causes, be that Autism, cervical cancer, breast cancer, or Alzheimer’s. But our updated calendar makes sure that you don’t miss a single event throughout the year, and that you can share the information with others! The page has everything mapped out for you, and even has great corresponding pins for every awareness month and 1126 (1)holiday, for fundraising, or just fun. It’s colorful, it’s concise, and it’s all in one place.

If the calendar resource isn’t enough, you can always join me on Facebook and Twitter, where I make sure to post daily about world events, unique and universal events, and get your feedback on everything from politics to vacation destinations. We have a good time, I promise.

So start 2014 off as organized as you can with our event tools. Goodness knows it’s only going to get increasingly messier from here on out!!


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