Come Together

We all take our sides, don’t we? Packers or Bears? Beatles or Stones? Paper, or plastic? It’s how we define ourselves in a way, the little things, the choices we make and the sides we take. But taking a side, choosing a team, a band, a car brand or a political party, should not divide us as a county, and as part of the human race. Which is the goal and the motivation of World Religions Day, happening this Sunday, the 19th.

This officially sanctioned day has been around for 64 years now, and has been observed all over the world every year since then. It’s a day for religious and spiritual organizations to 917come together and worship their faith as an intermixed group, instead of in their private places of worship. The aim is to provide points of reference for people, for faiths to understand one another and to respect both the differences and to see the similarities. Often at these meetings faiths will exchange pamphlets, words, and small tokens like religious lapel pins and charms. It isn’t about conversion, it’s about commingling and networking.

It will be easy to engage in World Religion Day on Sunday. Chances are local churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples will be organizing meetings with each other that you will be welcome to join. Be sure to come with an open mind, a willingness to share, and perhaps some simple tokens of your faith to share with others. religious lapel pins, candles, charms, or even homemade items. The point is to share, to learn, and to understand that faith is universal, even if the details are different for everyone.

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