8 Ways You Can Support a Cause Other than Donating Money

Throughout the year, countless people across the nation set aside the time to raise awareness for a cause and show support for those fighting life-threatening illnesses. While many of them often give donations (since unfortunately funds don’t raise themselves and the majority of causes rely on the charitable and financial support of others), helping those with illnesses stretches much further than donating money.

If you want to support a cause in more ways than just by giving money, there is an array of things you can do. Below are eight ways you can show your support and raise awareness for any cause.  

1. Blog about it
Blogging is a great way to inform online audiences of a cause, and there are a ton of people who read blogs daily. You can use your blog to create your own media coverage and let others know about the latest news. You can also reach out to other bloggers and websites with an interest in the cause, and ask them to help spread the word by writing a post or sharing yours.

2. Get social
Social media is a fast, effective way to drum up support for a cause. You can create a page dedicated to a specific issue and share news and engage with online audiences. You 1539can also find others who are interested and connect with them.

3. Always be prepared
Wear clothing and accessories to show your support for a cause. From paracord and survival bracelets to pins, t-shirts, and more, you can make sure everyone takes notice of what you are championing.

4. Share your story
Whether you’re a survivor or lost a family or friend to an illness, share your story. Contact websites, news stations and other media outlets and tell them about your experiences. This will help your story reach a much larger audience.  

5. Create videos
Make your own homemade video or presentation about the cause and share it online. You can do this easily on YouTube.com, a free video-sharing site.  

6. Attend a lecture
To become more informed about an illness, attend a lecture — better yet, speak at one if you have a story to tell.

7. Create a display or poster
Make a display at your local library, school, office, local park, or other nearby location with information and posters about your cause. As people walk by, they’re sure to ask about it.  

8. Inform your healthcare providers
Speak to healthcare providers and ask them to offer handouts to patients in order to help them understand an illness.


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