Resolve to Eradicate Cervical Cancer this January

Well the holidays are (mostly) over. New Years is on the horizon, and with it the creeping inkling to take stock of one’s life, and to make a list of resolutions. I’m of the mindset that regardless of where you end up at the end of the year, no matter how many resolutions are kept or broken, if you tried, if you made that list, that’s a good start. So it pays to make a new one every year, even if the same old resolutions and aspirations go on it. Taking stock is half the battle.

Health is undoubtedly high on everyone’s list. Be that to lose a few pounds, gain some strength for a race, for a sport, or just for your kids’ sake. What should also be on your list of resolutions is to get those yearly physicals. January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness month, and because testing for abnormal cells through pap smears has become more accessible to women, this form of cancer is on the decline. It’s very rare in my industry of researching diseases and their corresponding awareness organizations that I can say that a disease is on the decline. And in this case, the decline is in direct correlation to the awareness!

Information is key, through fundraisers, through printed material, through swag like 421awareness ribbons and t-shirts. Many activities and events that see a lot of female participation team up with local cervical cancer awareness chapters to make sure that information is available to women about the benefits to yearly pap tests and how easy it is to prevent precancerous cells from becoming cancerous.

So this January, when you’re signing up for that 5K, or considering joining a charity, make sure that your health is also a resolution, a priority. Wear teal awareness ribbons, teal shirts, bracelets or lanyards to promote women’s health, and to support those who are battling cervical cancer. Wear teal to keep the numbers of women stricken with this form of cancer on the decline.

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