Calorie-Free Gingerbread? You Bet.

We’re crazy here at PinMart. I mean for a specific reason, not that we aren’t a little goofy in general. We’re crazy because we collectively agreed to participate in an office “Biggest Loser” type contest right during the holidays, to see who can get to their goal weight in the designated time. I’ll douse the anticipation by telling you that I’ve actually GAINED weight from when we started, despite my best efforts. I blame the turkey and stuffing from last weekend’s Thanksgiving festivities. Regardless, some folks around here are actually losing weight, getting healthier, and that’s what matters.

It got me to thinking about the way we think about holidays, and how much food is tied into them. Not that there’s anything wrong with Christmas cookies and candy canes, but when you’re in the throes of a weight loss challenge, they do tend to become something of The Enemy. For that, I think there’s something a little extra about having candy can and gingerbread cookie lapel pins. These guys are great for home and office, and are CALORIE FREE. That’s no small token.

Moderation is key to anything, whether that’s with food, working too hard, or any other 1210activity. Mixing in alternatives, diversifying, these are great tricks to maintaining balance. If I’m having a great day, perhaps I can avoid ruining it with a celebratory sweet treat by pinning on a sweet pin instead. That way I’m still festive, without further blowing my weight loss goals.

And heck, if I end up pinning on enough lapel pins in exchange for snacks, I may do myself twice as much good by having to hoist around all the extra weight… something to think about…

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