You Do What Again?

Sometimes I have to do some explaining when I tell people what I do for a living. Custom lapel pins are so much a part of our daily lives that many people actually need to be reminded of where they see them every day. And once they’ve made that connection, I sometimes see their gaze glaze over in that telltale way: she sells boring, monotone, corporate recognition pieces that no one outside the organization cares about at all. It’s those people and those look that get me the most excited. It’s an invitation to share with them some of my more unique lapel pin requests from over the years.

There are the cool but still practical pieces, like selling custom lapel pins to various major TV shows and movie sets, or certification pins for deep sea divers and the rewards for the office that S749proclaim “My boss thinks I’m kind of a big deal”. We’ve made replica goldfish cracker pins, llamas, gold miners, manatees and two peas in a pod. I’ve spoken to high ranking members of both major political parties, lobbying groups of every shape and variety, sororities to motorcycle clubs.

That much normally changes their minds about custom lapel pins, dispels the glaze in their eyes, but if even my mention of miniature mossy-oak colored t-shirt lapel pins doesn’t get the desired response, I bring up the truly unique pieces, the “Trapeze Jesus” lapel pin we’re currently crafting for a college campus club, the T.A.R.D.I.S replica we created for ComicCon over the summer, or the full rhinestone corset lapel pins we had made for a bachelorette party. That’s when the requests for pictures normally get made, and from there, my reputation is typically restored. I go from corporate back to creative pretty fast, thank goodness!


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