What Makes for a Good Stocking Stuffer?

When it comes down to it, there are very few surprises left in Christmas.  Most people have Wish Lists where they can keep itemized records of everything they want. Many would prefer to not be surprised with a gift that they didn’t include on the list. With the resources out there afforded by the internet and social media, there isn’t anything out there that they want that they don’t have on their wish list.  Now, this is just one of the areas where Christmas surprises have been negated through technology and social media. Luckily, there are ways to bring the Christmas magic back to the holiday. One way is through stocking stuffers.

Stocking stuffers are generally less than $25 and are small gifts that tend to show more personality and humor. Their name is derivative of the fact that they are generally placed 1522into stockings hung over a mantel place or anywhere there are hooks. So what makes for a good stocking stuffer? First off, it shouldn’t be too expensive. You don’t want to break the bank over the item – that’s what the gifts under the tree are for. It should also be special in some way – not just some commercial item that is on everyone’s wish list. Finally, it should be something that the recipient wasn’t expecting. For all of these reasons, we recommend a pin. Why pins? Let’s examine the reasons below:

Pins are customizable: Let’s say you’re purchasing gifts for a large number of people and have no idea where to get started. If you have to purchase for more than 100 people – let’s say for coworkers – PinMart can customize pins that fit your message or personality. These custom pins will be a memorable gift not found anywhere else.

Pins are inexpensive: Have $25 to spend on all of your stocking stuffers? You can buy one or two things, or you can purchase a handful of pins. You can count the amount of dollars a pin from PinMart will cost with one hand.

Pins will last past one Christmas: Most Christmas gifts do not appreciate. In fact, the interest level and satisfaction they provide the recipient will often depreciate very quickly. Pins, on the hand, are timeless. They don’t fit into a particular style or fad. They’re something that can be worn at every age to showcase the thought and ingenuity you had to give them such a unique and fun gift.

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