Semper Fi

You’ve heard about James Brown being the hardest working man in show business. But have you heard of the hardest working men and women in the military? Those would be the Marines. Not only were they an organized, recognized fighting force BEFORE our country was even an organized, recognized country, but they have been a part of every single American armed conflict. Ever. I’m not sure “hardest working” even really begins to cover it.

Back in the day they were America’s formidable fighting force on land and on sea, doing 1248newdual duty as both army and navy. To this day they still work closely with naval officers, and on naval tactics. In the 20th century, this organization has proven itself superior to all other fighting forces in its ability to act quickly and effectively at a moment’s notice. And the accolades, commemorative challenge coins and lapel pins that have derived from this unique brand of soldier continue to mount.

The reason I am pointing all of this out is that their “birthday” as an organization is this Sunday November 10th, the day before Veteran’s Day. Being a year older than our country, this makes them 238 years young, and all the stronger, braver, and smarter for it. So this Sunday, and again on Monday… heck, all month or all year, pin on your poppy lapel pins, your marine lapel pins, wear your Semper Fi t-shirt, and wise some folks up on just exactly HOW amazing the marines are. Cause they’re awesome.

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