Remember November

November is upon us. Time to spend more time indoors, warm, spending time with family, old and young. We honor our servicemen and women on Veteran’s Day in November. We take the time to listen to our elders, whether or not they participated in war, and learn S802from them. So it seems fitting that November also recognizes and casts a spotlight on Alzheimer’s Awareness. As the sixth leading cause of death in America, it effects the lives of millions of Americans, both with the disease, and loved ones of those suffering.

Research for a disease like Alzheimer’s is a time consuming, meticulous process, with medication to reduce or eliminate the effects of the disease taking upwards of 10 years to build, test, and release to those in need. But the time and money it takes to create these medications is nothing compared to the cost of currently handling those with Alzheimer’s, which tops $1.2 trillion. Numbers like that put the cost of awareness ribbons to support the cause into perspective.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that robs both old and young of a life, and memories, that are priceless. Rendering formerly sharp, independent people of their self-sufficiency, this disease also takes its toll on family members who devote endless hours caring for their loved ones. It’s for people like that that awareness ribbons benefit too: by showing your support and thanks for their often thankless services to family and friends.

The holidays are about family, friends, and creating new memories. And Alzheimer’s awareness month is about helping save those memories, and keep families together. No matter why you pin on awareness ribbons during this month, just know that it’s undoubtedly the right reason. Because there isn’t a wrong reason to support those in need.

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