One of the only times quitting is the goal

Typically, for many Americans, there are two times of the year when it’s most likely you’ll try to either give up a bad habit, or pick up a good one: Lent and the New Year. But every year, on the third Thursday of November, the American Cancer Society encourages smokers to give up the habit of smoking and replace it with a positive habit, like an exercise regimine, or a new hobby. It’s tough, being right around the holidays, but most smokers will tell you that there’s never an easy time to quit, and many supporters will tell you that the best time to quit is when you’re surrounded by friends and family, like around the holidays.

And just encouraging people to stop smoking is not enough, clearly. So The Great American6901 Smokeout has created fun characters and cool graphics that quitters can use on their facebook and twitter pages, can purchase on items like lanyards and lapel pins, and forums they can connect to other quitters on. It’s a great way to turn what sometimes feels like a frustrating and lonely process into something that ties people together, and maybe even builds new friendships based on getting healthy.

At the end of the day, The Great American Smokeout will be a success for those who put in the effort and the dedication, and no amount of cute emoticons or lapel pins will make or break that. But having a fun community, enticing extras and some mementos of the journey towards being smoke free certainly doesn’t hurt.

All I need to know now is who and what are you quitting for, and by quitting, what will you gain?

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