Enterprise is more than just a starship…

There are many sides to business. The profit side, the charitable side, the community engagement side, the expansion side. And the beautiful thing about all these sides is that in America, free enterprise is the law of the land. And thanks to Jimmy Carter, November 15th is a day we celebrate this quintessentially American mentality, with National American Enterprise Day!

Enterprise is what keeps our country moving, growing, improving. Enterprise is what smallRCRF1263business owners have and execute in order to get their ideas from the computer screen to street corner. And what I think is really cool about our business in particular is that not only is PinMart itself a business, but we’re in the business of helping other businesses! I speak to men and women every day, hear about their business grand openings, and how lapel pins fit into that. Or the company that is looking to update its brand and wants lapel pins to help achieve that.

Enterprise is a big part of what got America from a small cluster of struggling colonies to the booming hub of commerce that it is today. And for a company like PinMart, it’s great to be able to cater to both sides of the enterprise coin, selling a product that helps charities and Fortune 500 companies, and also being a component in what helps these organizations and businesses thrive themselves, with the help of lapel pins, lanyards, and other promotional products.

Happy American Enterprise Day!

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