Survival of the Fittest

PinMart does a lot of work with military pins. Veterans pins, patriotic pins, active duty military pins, you name it. We do unique coins for military organizations and we have plenty of stock options for the military enthusiasts out there. But there’s a difference between creating pieces that honor the military, and creating pieces that *are* military. So I’m pretty stoked to announce that PinMart has officially started selling paracord bracelets!

When I was told about this, I caught the excitement pretty instantly because, well, that sounds pretty cool: paracord bracelet. But of course, after a moment, I had to ask the inevitable question: so what *is* a paracord? To save you all having to google it yourselves1548 if you’re not familiar with it, paracord bracelets were created during WWII when paratroopers would weave extra parachute cord into bracelets to be worn during flights. These would be used in any number of ways other than on their parachutes though, everything from repairs to fishing to actually pulling people to safety.

This practice has now become popular outside of just military culture though, showing up in sporting good and survivalist stores all over the country, as campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts find paracord bracelets just as useful as their paratrooper predecessors (say *that* five times fast). And as a company devoted to military men and women, and their culture, PinMart was eager to get involved as well.

And while I’m not exactly an extreme hiker, biker or sky-diver, ¬†with the diverse colors and awareness causes we’ve tied into these paracords (pun intended), folks like myself can wear them for their asthetic or philanthropic benefits as well as for traditional survival purposes. And heck, if someone sees me wearing it and confuses me with an extreme outdoors-man, so be it.

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