Keeping the Weeeee! in Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. The scary, the silly, the creativity, everything about this holiday is pure fun. And that’s easy as a kid. You’re encouraged to dress up, to play pretend, to decorate and participate, but the older we get, the less we celebrate things like this. Sure, you’ll have a few people who keep the tradition, and those are the best houses for kids to trick or treat at, the ones where the adults are still big kids at heart. But even for those of us who haven’t given up on the childlike fun of holidays like Halloween, it’s not always going to be appropriate or possible to wear that amazing Marie Antoinette ball gown into the office for Halloween. So what’s to be done?

Adapting our flair for the dramatic to work in all sorts of settings is not impossible, and can10091 (1) even be fun. Decorating your cubicle at work with fall and Halloween decorations, obviously after getting permission, is a great way to go about things. Putting a bucket of candy out for coworkers to snag a piece out of on Halloween is another fun thing to do, to get others into the mood without their needing to do any of the work themselves! And of course, if dressing up in a big way is going to be an issue, small but fun pieces like Halloween lapel pins and other jewelry make great alternatives. Spiders, skulls, witch hats and pumpkins all set the tone without having to worry about anyone tripping over your tail, or how to sit down in a suit of armor to answer emails.

Trying to get the whole office involved isn’t a bad idea either, if you think they’re receptive. Luncheons with Halloween-themed dishes and desserts is a great idea. Trivia contests with candy and spooky lapel pins as prizes is another good one. And if your office is on board, doing cube decorating contests can create a great atmosphere and a healthy sense of competition.

No matter how you go about it, holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day can still be fun, no matter how old you are. As long as you’re a kid at heart, there’s always a way to make sure your inner child is entertained.

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