Shanah Tovah

It’s Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This is when those of the Jewish faith celebrate the creation of Adam and Eve, the Biblical first people. It is at this time that self reflection is given, prayers are made, and celebration about the sweetness of life is done. It is celebrated by millions all over the world, and I just wanted to wish everyone of the Jewish faith “Shanah Tovah”, which means “have a good year”. At least that’s what I’ve been told it says.

I’m wont to point out that much like Christians will make a point of wearing their cross necklaces and lapel pins during holy days, Jews will don simple Star of David pendants or pins, and as in all other religions, will wear these symbols with pride and reverence. Despite the fact that less than 75 years ago, the Star of David worn on a Jew was not only considered a shameful symbol, but was forced upon them as a means of keeping them separated from the rest of society.

Every group of people understands the sting of segregation, bullying and discrimination. And the goal is to rise above that discrimination, if you believe in what you stand for. For groups like the Jewish community, that strength was harder to maintain than in some situations and for that, and many reasons, I offer my sincerest wishes to Jews world wide  on this happy holiday. Their pride in their beliefs, and their willingness to still wear Star of David lapel pins and other jewelry, to reclaim their affiliation each time they do, is what true faith is all about.

No matter what you believe, the golden rule should always apply. And with that comes the strength to stand up for what you believe in, to never waver, and to turn what used to be a stigma back into a memorial by proudly donning the Star of David during holidays, and on your average Tuesday. Happy New Year.

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