Pay it Forward

I’m having one of those days. You know the ones. Almost late for work, forgot an important item at home, got a stain on your bright white shirt, watching new voicemails flood your phone as you listen to old ones… just no way to get ahead. One of those days where everything is going to miss the mark. We’re all entitled to them, sure, but that doesn’t make it any easier to live through. But I’ve discovered a great way to perhaps see the forest through the trees. Paying it forward.

It’s a concept we’re all familiar with: you’re in line at the grocery store, cart piled so high it looks like you’re going into hiding for the whole winter, and you notice the person behind444-1 you with a single carton of milk. You pull back and let them go in front of you. You saved them time, made a small part of their day easier, and paid it forward. It’s easy, but not always easy to remember to do in the midst of your day to day. So I was very excited when we started producing Pay It Forward rubber bracelets. Like other awareness bracelets, but for a whole different genre of people. For givers.

It’s on days like today, when my head is full of grumbling and grousing, when I’d rather just get buried beneath my trivial issues, that paying it forward is most important. And hardest to remember. Wearing one of these rubber bracelets, and giving them away to others, friends or strangers, can help us all get out of our own heads a little bit, look around, and see the forest for the trees. See the little kindnesses we can do for each other.

In fact, getting a few extra rubber bracelets to hand out to complete strangers could be exactly how you pay it forward. A gift from a stranger, a positive message, passing along a smile. It’s the little things that make the biggest impact on days like this.

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