Out with the old, in with the Gold

Well, it’s no longer “fashionable” to wear white anymore. Labor Day is behind us, the Fall is fast approaching, and it’s time to turn the page. Putting away the shorts and the tank tops, revisiting the sweaters and the scarves. And something else that’s fashionable in September? Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbons. It’s this month that we take time to raise money and awareness for this particularly brutal form of cancer, and to raise the spirits of the brave boys and girls who fight it every day, when they should be out playing and going to school.

Childhood cancer effects tens of thousands of children in the US, with estimated new cases of 12,000 every year. And due to external influences and genetic predisposition, this number of new cases has risen consistently over the last 30 years. The good news though? Through research and funding, mortality rates have declined by almost 50% in that time period. If those two statistics side by side aren’t enough to get you to donate to childhood cancer funds, and to wear childhood cancer awareness ribbons, I don’t know what will.

Children are many things. They’re our future. They’re our legacy. They will know more in their lives than we can dare dream. They are innocent and full of potential. And they need the same chances that we had in childhood to explore, learn, and grow. With so many cases of childhood cancer occurring in our modern age, this generation needs more support and funding than ever before to keep mortality rates dropping, and to hopefully stop the stem of new cancer cases.

So, along with my favorite fall boots and cardigan sweaters, I’m going to be wearing childhood cancer awareness ribbons as well. And let me tell you: while “white” might have a season, childhood cancer knows no such rules. So wear your ribbons in September, but support childhood cancer year round.

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