Guest Blog: Get Organized with Neck Lanyards

With September brings a new school year, and that means prepping kids for their future, but also getting them through each day as it comes. Organization is a huge lesson for most kids and for most adults in general. There are many methods for staying organized and on top of things during a hectic school year, and once these habits are implemented, they become second nature, and get kids off on the right track that will hopefully continue to help them their whole lives over. Simple tools and tricks like labeling things, creating a routine, and using accessories like neck lanyards will take a fair amount of stress out of this new school year.

Clearly labeling various containers, cupboards and drawers in your child’s room can help them make morning decisions faster, if they know where to look for what they want. For even quicker morning routines, setting out clothes and other necessary items out can save lots of hassle, and get everyone off to a great start. Keeping necessary things in one place can also help. Using things like neck lanyards to make sure that keys and school ID cards are not lost can save a lot of panic at the last minute when it’s time to leave the house.

Backpacks should be organized as well. Putting folders and notebooks that correspond to each class together can help reduce confusion, and putting folders and notebooks into the backpack in the order that they will be pulled out and used also helps keep things in order. This can also help newer students who are still trying to remember their daily schedule. Backpacks with lots of pockets can keep clutter from collecting in the bottom of the backpack, so pencils and other items are always within reach. Attaching neck lanyards with keys and IDs to a loop inside or on the outside of the backpack also reduces the chance that something will get left behind in the rush from one class to another.

Maintaining these activities will help smooth over the transition from summer to school, or from one grade to the next. Routines help to save time, increase productivity, and make sure that your kids are ready for anything and everything. And if you know that everything your child needs is organized and collected in folders, backpacks, and on handy neck lanyards, can bring you the same peace of mind it brings them.

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