Three Ways to Use Custom Pins for your Company

A well-designed pin can have many uses, from announcing a new service or product, to recognizing members of a company or organization, to spreading the word about your group. From full-color to embossed to understated, customized pins can bring a sense of unity to what you’re doing.

There are some easy ways to use pins to your advantage. These tips can help you get the most out of a great pin.

Unify and Recognize Members

If you are a part of a team, you may want to do something to foster a feeling of familiarity and strengthen the bond between you all. Creating a custom pin is a great way to give your group an original way to come together. Instead of a T-shirt, which may look unprofessional or sloppy in certain situations, make your team a pin to wear.

Fraternities and sororities can benefit from dazzling colors or rhinestones. Nonprofit organization can make classy and simple pins. Even big companies can have bold pins to symbolize their business. They can become a collector’s item, and people can wear them all at once or frame them. No matter what, pins are a wonderful way to bring people together.


You may have to attend an event of some kind at some point. You want to make your team look good, and also give out “swag,” so people remember your company or organization. Pins are the easiest way to do that.

Design an exciting pin for your employees and coworkers to wear, to recognize them and to make it easy for event-goers to identify them. It is a stylish way to distinguish your members without going over the top.

Event-goers also love to get “swag,” and they collect all the free stuff they can. Among other things, you can have a pin specially made to give out at events. Your swag pin should have the name of your company or organization, but also be fun and bright so people can wear it. Get your name out there!


Promote Products

You can use pins to advertise! An eye-catching pin on a uniform can get customers asking questions, and even have them stopping workers or members outside the workplace. For example, a retail store can announce their newest product, or a restaurant can make pins of their signature and most popular offerings.

People may even want to purchase the advertising pins, which is free publicity for you!

Designing <a href=”“>custom pins</a> can work for your company or organization in so many ways. These are just a few examples. From 3D pins, to embossed pins, to rhinestone pins, something bright and attention-grabbing is great for unity, advertising, and recognizing.

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