Guest Blog: Great for conference swag bags!

Conferences are a great way to network, meet new people, and get your company name out there. Many annual conferences have companies that steadfastly attend every year, armed with a table full of free stuff to foist off on every attendee they see. What some do not realize is just how important swag is. The right swag is an item that can be used and displayed often, getting your name and logo out there. The wrong swag is something that just gets dumped in the garbage.

So, what exactly is the “right” swag? Here is a list of some examples that are more effective than others, and you can use these tips at your next conference.

Hand Sanitizer

Small bottles of hand sanitizer are perfect for conferences where people are going to spend all day shaking hands with strangers. Having a pile of them, with your logo prominently displayed on them, is great for people to engage and pick one up. Attendees can also spread the word, sending more people to your table. Even people who aren’t particularly germophobic will appreciate it.

Mobile Chargers

With cell phone touch screens getting bigger, and with more people primarily using their mobile phones to conduct business, batteries don’t last as long as they should. Reports say that many now use their cell phones more than their laptops, and for those on the go, it is crucial to have a charged phone. By offering mobile phone chargers with your logo on them, you can cater to these people, who will think of you every time they use the charger!

Sunglasses, or Seasonal Gear

Offering season-appropriate swag is always a hit. For the summer, having a pair of fun sunglasses available, or a pair of flip flops, is an ideal way to get your name out there. Sunglasses and flip flops can be worn time and time again, making the wearer think of your company. A fun, wearable object in a bright color can get a lot of attention. Conversely, try a scarf in the winter, or those fancy gloves with fingertips that let you use your smart phone. Seasonal gear is a great option.


For people who are on the go, neck lanyards can be a useful item. People who carry large purses or bags can dangle the lanyard out of the mouth so they can easily find and pull out their keys. They are one size-fits all, and come in set designs and custom designs. Lanyards can hold a conference ID badge, hotel keys, car keys, and more.

Reusable Water Bottles

Carrying around a Styrofoam coffee cup all day is not ideal. Offering water bottles with your logo on them can allow attendees to carry around their drink of choice without worrying about spilling a drop. These are also environmentally friendly, and appeal to most people. Attendees love to get stuff they can keep and reuse.

Some people come home from conferences laden with swag. Make sure yours is among that pile, and is something that will be appreciated, noticed, and used!

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