From the inside, out.

Well, I hate to admit it, but I think I’ve actually… grown up. At least a little bit. Speaking to a friend today, he was discussing an upcoming day of seminars where he works, everything from leadership training to critical thinking in high stress situations. We both surprised ourselves by admitting that it sounded like a great way to spend a day at work, not only because it would be a change of pace, but also because of the actual content involved in the seminars. He closed with, “And we get swag bags for completing all the discussions, including recognition pins! I thought you’d be impressed.” Well Alex, indeed I am!

I don’t care of you’re a pharmaceutical scientist or a copy writer, knowledge and swag are both valuable things to receive. And yeah, as someone who works for a pin company, to¬† hear that a totally unrelated industry is going to use recognition pins as a way to motivate and congratulate their staff was pretty gratifying. And the truth is, we all want that pat on the back, and the “atta boy”, whether that’s from our dad during little league, or in the form of a pin as an adult for completing an arduous training session.

The combination of continued education, of strengthening the team from the inside, along with simple motivators like recognition pins, is really smart. People spend a lot of time working to get hired, but afterwards, it can sometimes feel a bit like a vacuum. When a business, big or small, puts continued stock into their employees, their employees will put it right back into the business. It’s a win win. And in an economy that’s still getting back on its feet, recognition pins are both inexpensive and still sincere, and that goes a long way.

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