Everything really is bigger in Texas!

I just got back from a brief vacation down to the deep south. Texas to be exact. And let me tell you, never before have I seen such state pride! Everything from their overpasses to their building facades, their manhole covers to their fence posts have that familiar lone star on them, and locals have t-shirts, hats, and even tattoos with the state emblazoned on them, with or without that same star inside.

Believe me, I know that folks in Chicago will tell you they’re fit to burst with pride for their town, but the whole state of Illinois doesn’t seem to carry the same level of pride that our one city does. But throughout the state of Texas you’ll see that same brand, that same star, everywhere, without question. It’s great to see such a unified front by a diverse group of people, and it leads me to wonder what it is about the state that makes everyone so equally proud?

I’m not sure anyone could tell you point blank just what “it” is, but that feeling, that pride, summed up in a symbol like the lone star, is what we at PinMart try to do when we create custom lapel pins for companies and ¬†clubs. We always try to put that same indefinable pride into our work, and towards your goal, as Texans have found in their lone star.

So if you’re looking to rebrand your business, or want to give your non-profit a little extra push, custom lapel pins might be just the thing. The right logo, symbol, and color combination will mean you won’t have to settle for anything short of Texas-sized pride. And from those pins, hopefully, that same logo will find its way everywhere throughout your business, organization and your general philosophy, just like Texas’ beloved stars.

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