Whatever It Takes

I’m constantly reading up on the ways that awareness ribbons are used in our culture to help raise awareness and money for various worthy causes. And also making a point of realizing that certain lapel pins, be they political, religious or cultural, can not only raise awareness, but put a target on your back, or on your front lapel, rather. It’s sometimes a very brave thing, to wear lapel pins that identify you as… Liberal, Jewish, Gay, Pro-Life, etc. You risk bite back. But then there’s actually putting your whole LIFE out there for your cause, like my friend Danny, who is as we speak, biking from New York City to San Francisco California to raise money and awareness for MS. And yes, you read me right, I said BIKING.

4000 miles across country from flat to mountainous, through rain and snow, heat and gloom of night (I know I nicked that from the postman’s creed, but it fits!), Danny is peddling both his bike, and his beliefs, and has raised over $5,000 so far towards research¬† towards curing MS. Which, when I really think about it, makes the idea of purchasing and wearing awareness ribbons much less… uh, bothersome, I guess is the word.

That’s not to diminish the usefulness and the pride that comes from supporting a cause through awareness ribbons. It just reminds me that taking the time to listen to the spiel of a woman making cold calls to raise money for an awareness cause more worthwhile. It makes going onto a website like ours to purchase awareness ribbons for an upcoming event, or just for yourself to get the word out about your pet cause, less of a chore, and more of a joy. Because while we all enjoy a leisurely bike ride through the neighborhood, would you rather put a pin on, or spend three + months on the road, sleeping in a tent and getting a farmer’s tan that will probably never fully fade?

Cheers to Danny, who is an inspiration to me, and cheers to everyone who fights cancer, MS, AIDS, or any other struggle, and cheers to all of you who pin on awareness ribbons to show your support.

Donate to Danny’s cause by going here: Hearts on Two Wheels.

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