Semper Paratus

Well, we’re mere hours away from August! Another summer come and (almost) gone. But every month has its high points, one a big one for August is when we celebrate the Coast Guard! It’s perhaps not as well known as say, the Army or the Marines, but it has been a long-standing organization, and served as our only naval force for 8 years when our country was still getting its bearings after the Revolutionary War. Then it did, and continues to to this day, serve as aid to the Navy and other service branches in times of war.

They’ve always been a forward-thinking organization, allowing women to join as early as World War II, and their breadth of ability allows them to work with many different organizations to make sure our coasts and our country stay safe. And don’t get me started on the amount of beautiful medals and coast guard pins that are associated with service.

Despite having a small amount of active and reserve forces (under 100,000 all told), they live up to their motto of “Always Ready”. And so, this month, and especially on the 4th of August, be sure to thank the Coast Guard members in your community.

Whether that’s with a hearty handshake, a donation to a Veteran’s organization, or by wearing and passing out coast guard pins, just make sure that this small but powerful branch of our military knows that we value it just as much as every other branch. Semper Paratus!

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