Lady Lindy

July is kind of a slow month when it comes to… well, everything. People are lazy in the summer heat, there aren’t a lot of awareness causes or holidays that need to be celebrated or talked about, it’s a bit of a lull. But today is Amelia Earhart day! Not exactly Christmas or even Saint Paddy’s day, but this woman was an amazing person who did incredible things in a time when women were still largely domestic goddesses, if you catch my drift.

Back in her day, and in the day of her counterpart, Charles Lindbergh, these two were idols of the level that movie stars and pop stars are to us today. They were on the news for their amazing flights across countries and oceans, and daily updates were given on radio programs to eager listeners. Once they returned, successful, everyone clambered to get a piece of them, and that came out in the form of everything from commemorative stamps, full color lapel pins with their smiles faces, and even dolls in their likenesses! They were sort of the like the Kardashians of their time, except… well, talented.

Obviously, both Lindy and Earhart had very tragic lives, with Lindbergh’s 20 month old son being abducted and tragically killed, and Earhart disappearing herself over the Pacific Ocean in 1939. But these tragedies only increased people’s interest in them as people, and their memorabilia was perpetuated, passed down, and collected over the subsequent decades. Now, Earhart lapel pins created during her lifetime go for hundreds of dollars at estate sales. I’d be curious to know how much a Kardashian pin would go for 50 years from now. (OK, enough picking on the Kardashians, promise.)

In the 21st century, aviation is still a passion for many, and there are clubs of female pilots all across the country who name themselves after Earhart and her groundbreaking, glass-ceiling-busting accomplishments. And we have a day just for her! And according to ebay, some very pricey lapel pins with her face on them for sale. Not bad for just a girl from Atchison, Kansas.

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