Guest Blog: Get New Prospective Leads with Giveaways and More at Your Next Tradeshow

Although many business use internet marketing to get exposure and generate new leads, there’s nothing like good old fashioned face-to-face meetings to make contacts and get your name out there. Of the many avenues out there, one of the most important parts of any business or organization’s marketing campaign needs to be a tradeshow. Tradeshows bring a number of different organizations or businesses of a particular industry to promote new products, ideas, and so on. It’s an opportune time to increase visibility; but in order to make the most out of your time at a tradeshow, you’ll need to have a sharply executed plan. Here are some things to consider in your tradeshow plan:

Have a big banner: You’ll need to stand out among the crowd. There could be hundreds of different booths at the trade show, and participants only have so much time to visit them. A large banner can attract participants to come to your booth and see the reason behind the bold statement. Given the layout of most trade shows, you might only be given a cursory by participants from the entrance point. A big banner can make you memorable, so they’ll make it a point to come to your booth.

Have some great giveaways: When people do come to your booth, on top of having great talking points, it might be advantageous to supply the table with small giveaways that visitors can take with them. The key to having a great giveaway is getting things that people can actually use. That’s why pens and notepads are a great idea. Pins are another great idea because a person can put one on their bag or shirt, and you immediately have a walking billboard that others will be able to see. Make sure to include your name, contact information and brand image

Go Online Beforehand: Although the point behind a tradeshow is to have face-to-face contact, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the internet to tell others about your presence at a tradeshow. Make it a point to go onto your various social media platforms and advertise the fact that you’ll be at the tradeshow to attract visitors who are coming just for you. When the tradeshow is complete, it might also make sense to take pictures and showcase your presence at the tradeshow to show that you’re an active participant in the industry.

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