Safety is the new… 20?

I don’t find that I often think about safety or safety protocols until I’m already in a situation that might require them. Like say when I’m standing on my desk trying to put a new light bulb into the ceiling fixture above me, or when I’m digging around in the warehouse looking for a pin underneath a very wobbly shelf, or the time I scaled the wall, through the ceiling and into a locked office… you get the idea. But the truth is is that regardless of whether or not you’re working for the fire department or a lapel pin company: safety matters. And June happens to be Safety Awareness Month!

Safety awareness isn’t terribly glamorous. Perhaps that’s why months like this one areĀ  needed. Implementing safety incentives with worthwhile rewards and achievable goals turns something sorta boring into a chance to shine, and some healthy-safe!-competition. Rewards like free lunch or even just some safety pins to prove how responsible and un-dangerous you are can create just the right amount of incentive and competition to result in reduced work-related injuries.

And keep in mind that not all safety precautions relate to preventing dangerous disasters. Simple changes like ergonomic office furniture can prevent repetitive motion injuries or prevent neck and back injuries from sitting at a computer for too long. Handing out safety pins or something similar at the beginning of the month can serve as a reminder to sit up straight in that chair, or better yet, get up and walk around every now and then to keep circulation flowing and get a little bit of exercise.

No matter what your job is, you can make it safer. Suggest changes to your building manager, your boss or anyone else in charge of implementing office practices. Start an incentive program with prizes for so many days accident free. Make it a game and make it worth winning, and don’t stop once the month of June is over. Safety (and safety pins) matter all year round.

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