Happy Graduation!

Ah graduation. I vaguely remember mine from high school. It was excruciatingly hot, it took place in an un-air-conditioned gym, and those polyester gowns they give you are extremely unforgiving in the aforementioned heat. But all kidding aside, graduating high school and college are two of the most important, special days in a child’s life, and it’s absolutely a time of celebration. Flowers, cards, recognition pins, any little keepsake to make the memory of that accomplishment last a good long time.

While you see it more often in nursing graduation ceremonies, “pinning” as it is known, is still done in general high school and college assemblies, along with medals, cords and other denotations of accomplishment. Recognition pins can indicate any number of accomplishments from valedictorian and salutatorian, to honor roll, and sports achievements. They’re saved along with tassels, pictures, class rings and other mementos of high school and college days.

Let me assure you, time goes so fast. I was in high school quite a while ago but it feels like the blink of an eye. I’m glad that my mom had the wherewithal to save things like my senior pictures, programs from the day, and recognition pins, because now, many years down the road, I finally appreciate going through those things and taking a walk down memory lane.

So my heartiest congratulations to all new graduates this week. Take a moment to recognize what you’ve accomplished, and never stop pushing for more and better. And save those little trinkets: they’re so much more than they seem.

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