Every color of the rainbow

June is Pride Month. I recognize this is perhaps a touchy subject for some, but for millions of people, awareness of Pride Month is extremely important, lending acceptance, strength and courage, and most of all, pride for those who have come out to friends and family about their sexuality. Religion aside, this month celebrates and encourages us to all be ourselves, regardless of who we love, and to respect those things about us that make us so uniquely us. It isn’t easy for anyone, believe me.

The struggle for LGBTQ rights began in earnest during 1969, amidst the civil rights struggle, and the fight for women’s rights. That decade was rife with debate and strong opinions, and the world has changed a lot since then, but the struggle still continues for all minorities to some extent, and thus months like Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Pride Month exist.

Just like you needn’t be ethnically black to support equal rights for all ethnic groups, you needn’t be gay to support gay rights. Rainbow flag pins are a really great, subtle way to show solidarity when you’re out and about. It’s a brave thing to wear whether or not you personally identify as LGBTQ, but to wear one is to stand strong with those who struggle every day for acceptance.

In a world where bullying is now taking lives, wearing something as simple as rainbow flag pins can actually save those lives. All everyone wants is to be accepted, and lapel pins can do the talking for you when words are hard to say. Show your support, your acceptance, your belief in equality for all, with rainbow flag pins. Make June a colorful one.

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