May Means Military

May is a great month. It’s when the weather starts to get consistently nice, instead of keeping you guessing like April does. Summer sports and activities start up. And there are a boat load of awareness causes/awareness weeks in this month! The biggest amongst them though would have to be Military Appreciation Month. Because of the millions of Americans effected directly or indirectly by having a loved one in service, the whole month is a huge celebration of military culture and the members who make it up. It’s the month to bust out your American flag-pattered vest, your old army surplus jacket, and any military lapel pins you have in your collection.

Parades occur all over the country for vets and freshly returning members of the military, which puts the military in the spotlight and lets every day Americans get the chance to thank them for their service in a celebratory setting. Tokens of appreciation are exchanged from handwritten letters to small American flags, flowers and military lapel pins.

Memorial day weekend is when the biggest events occur, with city-wide celebrations and festivals opening up to thank service members. Many restaurants will offer free meals to veterans, and older vets will be out selling poppies for projects that help out other vets. I’ve seen these wire and paper poppies strung up on rear view mirrors and on dash boards the whole rest of the year after being given them, and while they fade in the sun, their cause is still fresh on the owner’s mind.

It will be very easy to find festivities in your area during the month of May, so make sure you get out to one and raise your glass and your voice in praise of the American military. Honor your family’s military history by representing them at parades and fireworks shows. Wear military lapel pins in the branch that your family hails from, and help celebrate the men and women who make this country great!


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