It was this or some dandelions.

I post a lot about lapel pins and how they can make your organization money, or how they can help build your customer base, or how they can retain your work force, but this time… well, I’m still going to write about lapel pins. But about how they can just make someone smile. Especially when that someone is your mom. Because this Sunday is Mother’s Day, and that’s a big deal. I admit that jobs like firefighters, teachers, and military personnel are hard, extremely hard, but if you think about it: moms are firefighters, teachers, and need to pull out their drill Sargent voice every now and then. They really do need some love.

When I was little, I could get away with giving my mom a handful of dandelions and a kiss, and that served me well for a number of years. But now, as a grown up myself, I like to  think I’m a little bit more refined than that. Or at least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself. Basically, I’m at the age where I want to give my mother something on Mom’s day that will hold up a little bit better than weeds. The kiss still goes over well, but nowadays I pair that with something like jewelry, lapel pins amongst them. Pieces that no only look pretty, but remind my mother that she’s important to me, every time she puts it on.

I know my mom would love me even if I still handed over nothing but dandelions and affection, but I think I’ll feel a little bit more confident showing up at my parents’ house this weekend with something a little more. And let’s face it, they know I work for a company that sells lapel pins, I think she would be surprised if she didn’t get one! So think outside the norm of flowers this Mother’s Day. Lapel pins are a lot more than a sales ploy: they make one heck of a thank you, as well.

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