Heroes at Home and Abroad

Talk about a challenging redeployment. Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and I can think of few professions that get less appreciation than teachers. Maybe IRS agents or lawyers. Teachers, while providing one of the single most important roles in our society, are routinely a student’s least favorite person, and sometimes even parents find nothing but fault in a teachers’ efforts. But if you’re a teacher who is also a Military veteran, then you can say you’ve served America both over seas and right here at home, and that’s definitely challenging redeployment.

There is a large surge of military vets becoming teachers once their service is done, and with Teacher appreciation day in the same month as Military appreciation Month, I think¬† these individuals deserve twice the thanks. Their job was not easy in fatigues, and it isn’t easy in dress slacks in front of a chalk board. So whether you’re a student, a parent, or just a member of the community, recognition pins are a great token of appreciation that go a long way and cost little.

And even if your teacher was not a soldier, they are still in charge of training our most precious¬†commodity domestically: our children. They make our country stronger from the inside out and that’s an extremely vital job, not unlike fighting for our country from far away lands.

Teachers and vets have a lot in common so it’s not surprising many vets are becoming teachers. But regardless of a teacher’s background, they’re heroes every day in the classroom, and recognition pins make a good badge of honor.

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