Guest blog: The Many Uses of Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are fun accessories that can be used for many different occasions. From cancer walks to school fundraisers, they’re a great way to spread a message or show pride for a particular organization, cause or event. There are thousands of great uses for lanyards and here are some our best-selling favorites:

1. Graduation Gifts

Colorful, themed lanyards can make a great graduation gift. You can surprise high school seniors with a lanyard with their new college name and logo on it, helping them show some school spirit and get excited for the future. For college grads, you can customize a lanyard with good wishes and encouragement on their new careers.

2. Charitable Causes

If you’re running in a marathon, organizing a fundraiser or participating in a charity, you can get custom-made neck lanyards to suit the special event. They’ll liven up the occasion and help spread the word so that more people get involved. You might want to hand them out to all participants as a thank you for their help or give lanyards to event organizers so that others can identify those in charge.

3. Parties

For a fabulous celebration, hand out custom lanyards to party guests. They’ll have an awesome party favor and keepsake to remember the great event for years to come.

4. Car Keys

Car keys have a way of getting lost, usually at the most inconvenient times. Keep track of your keys by attaching them to a lanyard and wearing it around your neck when you go out. They’ll always be on hand and never get lost again!

5. ID cards

Attaching a name tag or ID card to a lanyard is a great way to keep track of who’s who at a party or event. Corporate gatherings, charity events, and even class trips would benefit from having these creative name tags on hand.

Neck lanyards are important accessories with an endless number of uses. Make your life easier by taking advantage of these simple tools. Whether you’re a CEO looking for a better way to identify employees, or a high school student looking for a fun and memorable party favor, you’ll love these products.



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