Guest Blog: Navy Pins Show Respect to an Important Part of our Armed Forces

Serving in the armed forces is something that a person should always be proud of. Putting your life on the line for your country takes a certain dedication and bravery, and not everybody can claim to have that kind of devotion. The men and women in the Navy deserve our respect, and one way that people can show that respect is with a collection of Navy pins.

Most Navy pins that are worn in this country are obviously earned through years of  service to our country. They can be seen adorning the uniforms of sailors and other officers, denoting different ranks or accomplishments made in the line of duty. They are part of United States Naval uniform, and like the uniforms themselves they should be worn with pride.

Once sailors have completed time in the Navy, chances are that they will continue to wear their pins in their civilian lives. Not only does it show the rest of the world what they have done for this country, but it also allows them to show their support for the Armed Forces and those that are currently serving.

Of course, you don’t have serve in the Navy to purchase and proudly wear Navy pins. Many of these pins are available from retailers along with patches, commemorative coins or other pieces of memorabilia that allow civilians to show their support for our Armed Forces.

The United States Navy represents a proud tradition that goes back over 200 years. Many of us owe our freedom and even our very lives to this tradition, and we should all be able to show our servicemen and women our support.



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