Guest Blog: Supporting the Fight Against Cancer with Awareness Ribbons

Cancer awareness ribbons are much more than a fashion statement; they are a compelling way to show unity for an important cause. Cancer, in its many forms, affects almost everyone in some way. Many people know someone who has cancer right now. According to the CDC, Cancer is the second leading cause of death among people in the United States. No one is immune to it, and although there are many treatments, there are few cures.

Whether it is a business, school or club, when an entire organization joins in a cancer awareness campaign, the effect can be felt both individually and collectively. Individuals will become more aware of their own role in fighting cancer, pay more attention to theirĀ  health, go for early screenings and learn about warning signs. Collectively, they will feel empowered to reach out to their families, friends, and the community at large.

When ribbons are worn in public, it draws the attention of the people who see them. They remind others to get screened for cancer, to pay attention to their diet, and to encourage their family and friends to do the same. This awareness also extends to the medical community and government, giving them added incentive to push hard for a cure.

Cancer awareness ribbons also encourage cancer patients and their loved ones to keep fighting. Depending on the treatment, cancer patients may have to deal with shots, IVs, chemotherapy, radiation, intensive medication regimens and terrible side effects. These brave individuals are often sick, causing them to miss out on work, school, and even family time — their relatives are often caregivers, putting their lives on hold to help their loved ones.

Walking into a room where everyone is sporting a colorful cancer awareness ribbon will be heartening to the person dealing with this terrible disease. Knowing that they have a host of people that support them may just be the encouragement that they need to battle side effects like fatigue, depression and anxiety. Cancer awareness ribbons are a great way to encourage everyone to fight the good fight and the first step is to order these ribbons for an event, business or organization.


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