Jack and Jane of All Trades

As the saying goes: some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug. This is true of any person’s life, and of any profession. But I think it rings particularly true for those who work in administration for a living. The assistants, the office clerks, the support staff. I think they quite often feel like “the bug” so to speak. Their job-and I speak from experience-is easily one of the hardest industries to survive in and succeed in, and their contributions to every office are invaluable.

Largely their contributions, while vital, go largely unnoticed if they’re doing a good job. As their purpose is to be the jack of all trades in the office, if they’re doing it right, the office runs without a hitch and everyone is happy. But that means a huge commitment of the administrative professionals, and next week is the week we make a special effort to thank them for all they do.

The 22nd through the 26th of April is the time to cater in lunch for support staff, get them a thank you card, or gift them recognition lapel pins. A good support staff does just that: supports the office. Is someone in the office killer on the phone with customers, putting out fires? Or how about the wiz who makes sure data is input perfectly every time so that reports fire without a hitch? And the multi-tasker who somehow juggles four projects simultaneously without breaking a sweat? Recognition lapel pins address each of these components specifically so that your administrative staff know not only that you’re grateful for them, but for what specifically you’re grateful for. There’s something to be said for that personal touch.

Whatever you do next week to thank your administrative professionals, just make sure it’s something! I know in this office we’re nothing without our receptionist. She’s so much more than that of course, handling customer service, order entry, special projects, you name it. In my opinion she should end up with a whole string of recognition lapel pins, though I’m not sure how comfortable it would be to wear quite that many pins at once.

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