It’s the Environment, Stupid.

Mother Earth and I are on the outs today. It has been raining almost nonstop since early yesterday, and I mean RAINING. With half a foot of water on the ground now, I had to get mighty creative on my drive to work this morning. It was like the aqua version of a corn maze. I kept coming across roads that were feet deep in water and had to turn around, retrace my steps and try again. What a fiasco.

Regardless, Earth Day is coming, and rain or no rain, this is the only earth we have, so I’m still going to fight for it, even as my socks continue to dry out after accidentally stepping into a deep puddle on my way into the office.

The truth is, most of us do next to nothing to reduce our carbon footprint, and equally true is the fact that it takes very little in order to do so. Consider the fact that roughly 75% of the things we throw away are 100% recyclable, and yet we only recycle 30% of that! I know it means taking a few extra steps every day though, which many of us really can’t squeeze in. So the other approach we can take as busy Americans is to patronize companies that go through those extra steps for us and create environmentally friendly products. And just about everything can be safely and effectively recycled if done correctly. Even lapel pins. We have a whole line of eco green pins available that are all made from metal discarded in creating other lapel pins. Perfectly good scrap metal that we simply remelt down, strike out, and voila! Eco green pins.

In a day and age when time is almost more precious than anything else, it’s not always going to be convenient to recycle. But if you simply make smarter purchases in your daily life, you can do your part for the environment without changing any of your habits. From recycled paper, E85 gas, and even eco green pins. So don’t waste any more time, not yours, or the environment’s. Happy Earth Day!

PS: Ma Earth, a sunny day here and there wouldn’t be too much to ask, would it? We’re drowning here.

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