Guest Blog: Serious or Fun, Custom Lapel Pins Get the Job Done!

With a wide range of color choices and styles, custom lapel pins have both a serious and a playful side. As a serious item, custom-designed pins offer a purposeful way to show unity. Pins are often used by marketing campaigns and by anyone seeking to win attention for a political or societal cause. For instance, nonprofit organizations can reward donors while at the same time highlighting the organization’s purpose. Schools and colleges can honor academic accomplishments, and government agencies can use custom lapel pins as an inexpensive way to honor public service.

As a playful item, custom-designed pins are perfect for sports teams, vacation destinations and tourist shops. Pins can be giveaways to encourage attendance, promote a major business sponsor, or act as an entry ticket to a large outdoor concert or fair. Custom-designed pins can promote a travel spot, a museum, a historical home, or a park and tourist shop managers love them because their stores can earn a large return on a very small investment. People love to receive or buy a pin because it is a long-lasting keepsake that can be worn or displayed. For long distance travelers, a custom lapel pin is also the perfect space-saving souvenir.

Pins come in a variety of materials that provide options in artistic medium, durability and price. Cloisonné hard enamel pins have a smooth, glass-like finish and since they are not limited to standard rectangular or oval shapes, are often the most artistic and unique. Die-struck soft enamel offers an embossed look and feel that is easily customizable. A beautiful die-struck metallic can feature two-toned, multifaceted designs, as well. A terrific money-saver, etched soft enamel keeps costs low but can still be customized with colorful logos. Other customized options include photo-added designs, 3-D designs and rhinestone creations.

Pin Mart can take a design proposal and turn it into a work of art. Whether serious or playful, custom lapel pins offer a low-cost way to promote a cause, celebrate accomplishments or raise money. For a small investment, these little pins offer big dividends.

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  1. Custom Lapel Pins says:

    Love the Yellow duck lapel pin, its so cute. I definitely going to take one of it for my little baby. 🙂

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    Very informative blog……i like it