Go Blue!

I noticed this morning an abundance of blue surrounding me, enough that I actually did notice. People were wearing blue, certain websites and newsfeeds had gone blue, buildings had blue lights switched on. I’m ashamed to admit that despite working with awareness causes for a living, I had no idea what I was supposed to think when seeing all this blue! Thankfully one of my colleagues is more tuned in than I am and explained that today is World Autism Awareness Day!

In its 6th year, WAAD is a chance for those suffering with the disease, and those who love them, to shine light on a cure and also celebrate these people and their lives. Autism brings with it a certain set of problems, but it also brings unique talents and abilities as well, so this day commemorates both the struggle and the beauty. And while autism awareness products are predominantly multi-colored and puzzle-piece shaped, on this day we all “go blue”.

The correlations as well as the continued mysteries that are tied to autism create a continued need for funding to help the tens of millions of individuals who display symptoms. So in April you’re bound to see a lot of blue, and a lot of puzzle pieces in any number of places, with autism awareness products finding their way into increasingly public places, in the same way that breast cancer awareness products saturate the market in October.

As one of the fastest growing developmental diseases there is no time to be lost, and while it took me a few years to catch on, I certainly won’t forget about World Autism Awareness Day next year. Chances are I’ll even purchase my own autism awareness products to feel really involved and included. And hopefully I’ll clue someone else into this particularly aggressive disease, and get us one step closer to a cure.

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