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Not to brag, but I know a lot of starving artists. Actually, I suppose it would only be bragging if they weren’t starving, wouldn’t it? Regardless, I have more than a few artistic friends out there always tirelessly plugging away at their craft, be that painting, photography, music or writing. They’re all dedicated and they’re all talented. The only thing separating them from achieving the first level of their success is normally money. Until recently, that remained the problem that was hardest to resolve. But then came onto the scene.

This website functions as a go between for artists and their backers, allowing creatives to pitch their idea, be it an album, an exhibition, new technology or a book, and then facilitates their backers in donating to the cause. The artist sets up a goal funding total and then have 1 month to achieve that goal. If they meet the mark the money is deposited into the artists bank account and they can realize their dream. If not, the money is returned to the backers and the artist can try again.

What was uniquely interesting about this site though was that it encouraged artists to sweeten the deal by offering perks for certain amounts donated. $10.00 got you the base finished product (album, book, artwork) but the more you donated, the cooler the pay out. Add-ons like bonus features, t-shirts, hand-signed products, and lapel pins turn a $10.00 donation in a $25.00 donation. The artist is still in the black, but the backer feels like they’ve done good *and* gotten good.

We’ve started seeing a lot of requests for lapel pins come in from artists starting a page, and their designs are wild and creative, just like the artists. These pieces are not corporate or stuffy, they’re colorful, creative, big and bold and are a blast to make. And I should think really neat to receive as well, which is a win-win for the artist and the backer.

If you haven’t checked out yet, I’d suggest you do so. Find a project you approve of, and consider donating. Not only are you funding a real live dream, you could end up with some really cool swag in the form of lapel pins, as a result!

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