The March to Help

March has  lot going on. Saint Patrick’s Day is perhaps the biggest one: it’s a chance for everyone to claim they’re at least a little bit Irish, dye everything green and have a big party. There’s also the start of Daylight Savings time, wherein we lose an hour, but the sun hangs out a little bit longer each day. That might be my personal favorite day. But an important one that might not immediately come to mind for March is Red Cross Month.

Created by in 1881, this organization was started to work as a go-between for the military and their families, and also to help provide humanitarian aid in times of domestic and international crisis. And except for a few technological upgrades (cell phones instead of telegrams, for example!) the Red Cross’ mission and reach has not changed, though it’s grown. And because of its growth, the need to donate has never been more important.

In March you may see Red Cross lapel pins on the jackets and ties of individuals who work for the organization or who donated to it. They aren’t the shamrocks you expect to see, but being a part of the Red Cross, even if just through donation, means that in March, you’re not only a little bit Irish, you’re also a whole lot humanitarian.

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