Thank you for being a friend!

Happy Employee Recognition Day! Very convenient and appreciated that this day falls on a Friday this year. So to everyone out there who reads this blog and works for a living (which I’m guessing is nearly all of you): we salute you today, and every day for that matter. No matter what profession you’re in, no matter how much you love your job, there are days we all want to tear our hair out or start drinking at 10am, and for those days, you’re most appreciated.

Yesterday afternoon during a 3pm coffee clutch, a coworker of mine commented on how much she appreciates us, and how much easier her life is with us helping her out every day, and that pretty much summed up all of our feelings for each other. We’re a close knit office with a good handle on teamwork, but to hear her say it really encompassed what I think Employee Recognition Day is.

While small tokens, like lapel pins, lanyards, challenge coins are always appreciated and often highly valued in workplace environments, oftentimes genuine, kind words of thanks and appreciation go just as long a way. And giving out lapel pins WITH genuine, kind words of thanks? Well, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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