Like clockwork?

A number of years ago I could always count on a few things when either fall or spring came around: weather changes, clocks turned ahead or behind, a change in wardrobe. And another thing I always noticed was an upswing in fundraising drives from schools. At the beginning and end of a school year is when most extracurricular groups are either storing up for next season or replenishing from a season well spent. Awareness ribbons, school mascots, and academic achievement lapel pins would fly off the metaphorical shelves and another season would would be properly kicked off.

But much like the odd weather patterns we’ve had for the past few years, fundraising pushes are no longer a biannual, clockwork event. They have instead started creating campaigns that sustain throughout the whole school year, and sometimes even into summer vacation. They’ve gotten more savvy, doubling up and holding events during already scheduled basketball games, chorus concerts or pep rallies. They save money on space, have a built in audience, and a healthy buzz. Lapel pins, however, are still part of that strategy, which makes sense. They’re sought after, cost-effective and powerful.

So just like our first day of spring yesterday heralding only a bone-chilling 20 degrees for a high, fundraising has morphed into an all together different animal. But unlike weird weather, there’s nothing wrong with a smarter, stronger, longer fundraising push to help keep the arts and sports in our schools. And did I mention that lapel pins look just as good on a parka as they do on a tank top? Weather is no match.

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