Guest Blog: Lapel Pins for All Occasions and Causes

Americans are often looking for ways to support great causes. For example, in 1973, Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the Old Oak Tree helped instill a sense of pride, appreciation and awareness in civilians for returning military veterans. Since then, Americans have eagerly espoused the ribbon concept and proudly wear lapel pins celebrating a vast number of causes. There appears to be no limitations to the extent of Americans’ sympathies and empathic connections to worthy causes.

Astute employers and corporations that recognize and encourage employees to follow their hearts reap the benefits of employee loyalty and gratitude. By providing employees with supportive lapel pins, employers demonstrate their eagerness to connect with their employees’ compassion. Employees will surely appreciate and respect management’s heartfelt support.

We feature an extensive line of lapel pins that represent support for dozens of popular and well-known causes. Our impressive collection includes somber designs as well as lighter, optimistic expressions of support. Some items feature creative, delightful colors. All items in our awareness collection are crafted with quality materials.

March is National Employee Awareness Month. What better time to share your corporate appreciation with your loyal employees? For a nominal cost per lapel pin, you can offer them their choice of pin to support their favorite cause.

We feature ribbon-style lapel pins as well as a variety of other designs. All are in stock and ready to ship. If you need something customized for a local cause or goal, we can do that. We can craft an item based on your design or suggestion. A quick, toll-free phone call to our custom pin specialists and your order will be completed sooner than you might think.

In addition to standard metal pins in a variety of colors, we also carry cloth ribbons and zipper pulls in our awareness collection. Of course, our extensive inventory includes pins in a wide variety of shapes for many other purposes.

With Americans’ growing awareness for a myriad of social and health concerns, public support in the form of a lapel pin grows exponentially. Show your employees you care and that you stand with him by supporting a great cause with a lapel pin.


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