Don’t Pin Us Down!

I was doing some recon work today in our sample pin room. This is the place we keep our thousands of sample pins, extra pieces from customized pin orders, imperfect pins, essentially our company’s collective pin history. I spent a good hour on the floor, searching for a proverbial needle in a pin stack (and stuck myself more than a few times!) but eventually found just the right pin. What I found in doing this though was just how many reasons people have for having pins made.

There are the most common reasons, the ones we all know and love, like awareness ribbons, flag pins, and recognition pieces, but when you’re surrounded on all sides by hundreds of them, you realize that lapel pins are way more diverse than just stuffy corporate and fundraising environments.

There were pins for motorcycle rides, pins for curling clubs, pins for birthday celebrations, for the National Weather Service, for art gallery openings, for quit smoking campaigns! Class reunions, poetry conventions, churches, movie releases, orchestras and aquariums. Whew. It really was amazing to me how diverse the custom pins culture really is.

So it’s good to keep in mind that pins are not just for cancer awareness or campaign runs. They’re for so much more. Record stores, libraries and 50th wedding anniversary celebrations need pins too! There’s just no limit to what you can do with lapel pins, given a little creativity and a few weeks at your disposal for creating them. And from the looks of some of these pieces I ran across, you don’t even need an actual event to merit having them made, just a good idea! My favorite “random” pin from today’s digging? A llama. That’s right, a llama. No text, no reason, to method to the madness… just a llama. I love my job.

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