Shake on It?

I was digging around the internet yesterday looking for interesting tidbits about lapel pins, and (surprisingly) came across something very interesting! Turns out there’s an online campaign going on right now, during the worst flu season in recent history, that aims to help reduce the number of people getting sick. How do they intend to do that? Well, they have created lapel pins depicting a firm handshake with the “no-smoking” red hash over it! They also have slogans like “No offence, it just makes sense!” around the outside.

This campaign encourages people to wear the pin as a way of stopping other people from shaking hands with them during the cold and flu season, thus reducing that person’s contact with possible germs. Regardless of how you feel about someone actually wearing one of these you have to admit it’s a clever campaign, and in a practical sense, can make a lot of sense. But when I put a vote to fans on our Facebook page I was surprised that nobody would agree to wear these lapel pins!

Responses ranged from believing that regardless of germs, a firm handshake is required in certain situations, to people who feel that a handshake or a hug are a given when meeting up with friends and family. Overall, everyone had some reason for wanting to keep up the personal contact, even at the risk of sickness! I was both surprised and pleased.

In a world that’s increasingly isolating, to know that most folks are still sold on a firm handshake is a good sign.

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