How do you roll?

I have to admit, this time of year, in Chicago, almost nobody’s car looks like much more than a giant salt lick on wheels, but no matter what time of year it is I always make a point, when I’m at a stop light, to pay attention to the bumper stickers and car magnets that adorn my neighboring cars. Some are funny, some are serious, some are just plain odd, but they’re all interesting, and love them or hate them, they give you something to do instead of just beg the light to turn green!

I do think that car magnets are particularly clever though, not only in what they say, but in their design. Because no matter how cute, funny, or serious your bumper stickers are, if you take care of your car and drive it for, say, ten years, chances are that some of your views will change, or at the very least, will need to be updated. And with bumper stickers, you’re, well, stuck.

Car magnets, however, can show your support during a presidential campaign just as effectively as a sticker, but once election season is over, regardless of who won, those campaign stickers start to look a little dated and stale. But with a magnet, you can save it or throw it, but the important thing is that you can choose how long it stays on the bumper of your Chevy or Ford.

Awareness ribbons, political slogans, military pride, they’re all great reasons to adorn your car, and to let other people know a little bit more about you while you sit in traffic. But with car magnets, you can switch it up, update, and generally control your own personal brand, your mobile advertising, your car. Or you can do what I do and slap some magnets onto the back end of my dad’s Lexus and see how red his face can get before he realizes that they’re not actually a bumper stickers and can be removed. The choice is yours!

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