Grammys Banning Lapel Pins?

This weekend is another weekend in the long line of awards shows that happen in the early months of the new year. This weekend it’s the Grammys. Lots of glitz, glamour, music and mayhem, no doubt. But do you know what it *won’t* have? Lapel pins! According to CBS, who’s broadcasting the event, in addition to various wardrobe rules (essentially: make sure you’re decently covered up), lapel pins will be banned at this year’s event because of their controversial potential! I had to admit I thought that was a bit much!

Let’s be honest, entertainment is sometimes mindless fun, but most of the time there is some truth, or some rebellion going on in music, on TV, in movies. Creativity seeks to inspire, to challenge, and to shock us into new ways of thought. Actors and musicians,¬†athletes¬†and political figures are cultural leaders for us as Americans, whether we or they like it or not, and most of these figures do not hesitate to share their pet causes with the world, from animal cruelty to autism awareness. And lapel pins are a big part of that influence.

I’m all for making sure that nothing is “hanging out” so to speak, and there are plenty of ways to be fashionable without baring it all, but banning lapel pins is a whole other topic that I believe lots of people will be talking about after the show this Sunday night. But despite the ban on Sunday, there are 364 other days in the year where you can be sure that our cultural figures will most certainly attach their lapel pins, and bare it all, for the sake of change, or of shock, or for hope for the future.

Who knew my industry was so controversial?!

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