Don’t get the Chinese New Year Blues

Well, it’s almost New Years! Chinese New Year, that is. And with that exciting holiday comes a lot of celebration, food, color…. and factory shut downs. Working in the lapel pin industry in February can be a somewhat stressful career choice, as many of my fellow pin manufacturers can tell you. With factory shut downs come shipping delays and a lot of pin-less lapels! But thankfully for us, PinMart has an entire line of customized lapel pins that are proudly made right here in the good old U.S. of A.

February is a big month in the US for heart health awareness, world cancer day, Valentine’s day, and President’s day. Lots of colleges around the country have January graduations  that need commemorative lapel pins, and many organizations start up a new year of recognition pins in January and February. So the demand doesn’t go down, even if overseas factories do. Which is just one of the many reasons we’re so happy to have a domestic factory, and an all-American customer service crew.

So this year, you can celebrate Chinese New Year right along with the natives, but you don’t need to let it slow down your promotions, graduations, celebrations, or any other “otion” you may have in mind. A global economy is a wonderful thing, but nothing beats American Made.

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