Crunching the Valentines Day Numbers

Well, I recognize that many consider Valentines Day to be an extremely commercialized holiday, filled with expensive flowers, dinners, and of course those much criticized Valentines Day Cards, so how better to commemorate such a commercialized holiday than to talk about it on a business blog? I kid, because I’m a true romantic at heart. But the statistics connected to this day are pretty economically interesting.

$2 billion dollars will be spent on flowers, roses of which make up 51% of those flowers. But that’s nothing compared to the $4.4 billion spent on jewelry for Valentines Day! That is a lot of rings and necklaces. There’s no telling how much of that amount is from lapel pins, but I promise you they’re a lot more economic than a diamond from Tiffany’s. And then there’s the 145 million Hallmark cards that are purchased for Valentines Day every year.

These numbers are staggering, but when you consider that it’s all in the name of love, it doesn’t seem so bad. And for those of you out there not in an engagement ring place, or areĀ  perhaps just looking to keep it simple this Valentines, rhinestone heart lapel pins are a great alternative to a tennis bracelet. And when it comes to love, it’s the heart behind the action that counts as much as the jewelry itself. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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