They want to suck your blood… The Red Cross, not vampires.

Happy New Year! Tis the season for resolutions, and I think something like that coincides perfectly with January being Blood Donor Awareness Month. Now that I type that it sort of sounds like we should be aware of people who donate blood, and not actual donation, but either way, January is the month we consider donating blood and thank those who do if we can’t.

When you consider that only about 37% of Americans are actually eligible to donate blood (due to age, weight, wellness, etc) it’s vital that all of us who are capable to give blood do so and do so often! It’s estimated that roughly every 2 seconds someone needs blood, which puts everything into perspective.

So this January, donate blood, or if you’re one of the 63% who cannot donate blood yourself, consider working at a blood bank or organizing a blood drive yourself! Your local Red Cross would be happy to help you, and consider doing something for donations that goes above and beyond the typical juice and cookies and hand out red cross lapel pins to individuals who donate. It’s a great way to share with others your story of donation and to inspire them to join you.

Donating blood only takes about 15 minutes, is almost entirely painless, and is completely safe. The human body has about 10 pints of blood at any time, and donations are normally about 1 pint. Your body makes up the difference again in a matter of weeks, so you’re welcome to donate every two months. Think of all the red cross lapel pins you could wrack up in a year?

Whatever reason you have for donating blood, do it. With blood shortages a constant fear at hospitals, you will be saving up to three lives every time you donate. Do it for you mom, your sister, best friend, son, or just your fellow man. How many other things can you do in an hour that save up to three lives?

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One Response to They want to suck your blood… The Red Cross, not vampires.

  1. Jamie DeVriend says:

    Aw, no vampires? In all seriousness, donating blood really is the best thing someone can do, and even if they can’t donate themselves, they can spread the word and volunteer. I think the pins are a great way to spread awareness and encourage others to give such a precious gift.